Kayvan Amini, DO, FACC Elect President:
BCOMA 2020

We start this term with many challenges to our profession and community far unlike from our past. As challenging as it may be, it is an honor and a privilege to serve our colleagues as the president of BCOMA. As physicians, we have always put forth the benefits of  others and our community first, hence furthermore the current pandemic only continues this legacy. However, this endeavor has always been met with challenges, from the capacity to practice our art, or financial and other regulatory issue. Yet, we have been a resilient, and creative force that has continued to evolve to maintain our goals and mutual service to our community. This passion and drive will continue to help us find opportunities and creativity during the current challenging times of covid19 and other unrest’s that is at our nations forefront’s. Together, we will surpass and even enhance our profession through knowledge, collaboration, inclusivity, and a vision to create a better organization for our members and community. The current pandemic only highlights our capacity to unite, get involved, contribute, and empower our peers and community. I assure you that this too will pass, and I am confident our persistence and perseverance will elevate all of us. I thank all of you for the selfless contributions you have and continued to make in this endeavor and look forward to hearing from you.

Kayvan Amini, DO, FACC

President, BCOMA


Board Of Trustees, FOMA

BCOMA membership gives you access to an active community of networking  physicians like you, enjoying local medical society events and many VIP and discounted services through our supporting sponsors. In addition we provide easy access to resources for the membership, medical students, residents, new and practicing physicians.  Information about job opportunities, or  on how to secure assistance and finances to start up your own practice. The society places at your fingerprints  information like Medicare and NPI applications. Also details on how to do a centralized manage care contract credentialing application, Florida state license look ups and  CME opportunities. Billing, coding, website development and EMR informational resources are also other membership benefits. BCOMA offers information from start up to retirements programs. Access to  Life, disability and long term  insurance programs. Our members enjoy free financial consultations.  Valuable resources to help you relocate to Broward County or even help you evaluate the value of your practice or your home to meet your needs. The  BCOMA your district medical society would like to be your one stop entity for medical resource and also the latest up to date healthcare news. We welcome you and your participation.

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